Divine Cyclades

8 days, 14 destinations

The Cyclades are about breathtaking light. And true blue. Myth has it that the Cyclades were born out of Poseidon’s rage. Once nymphs, they infuriated the God of the Seas, who transformed them into islands. But not just any islands. Perhaps the most beautiful islands in the world.

Fringed with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Dotted with white-washed architecture. Exciting yet at the same time evoking a sense of tranquillity, as if time stood still through the aeons. Each island beautiful in its own remarkable way.

Imagine a place so divine your heart might burst with emotion, a place so unique it’s secrets and voice linger through centuries of history.

This is the stuff of dreams and it awaits you to discover it.

Combine the Divine Cyclades journey with the Ancient Paths journey for a fully immersive experience of Greece.


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Cruise dates: Between July 24th – 30th October 2021

Departing Saturday



7, 14, 28

4, 18, 25

9, 16, 30

Day 1
Zea - Cape Sounion
Sifnos - Milos - Kimolos
Ios - Santorini
Santorini - Schoinousa - Koufonisia
Despotiko Antiparos - Naxos
Delos - Mykonos
Serifos - Kythnos


Relaxing & Fun: 
Swimming, snorkeling, water sports, cocktail lounging, beach BBQ, leisurely discovery walks, board games

Volcano trekking, hiking trails, scuba diving

Wellness & Fitness:
Yoga, pilates, meditation sessions, spa treatments, aquarobics, gym

Cooking class with lunch at a local home, wine tasting tour, Greek dance workshop

Ancient ruins, churches and monasteries, excavation sites, museums, Cycladic architecture

Photography walk, Pottery workshop

Pristine beaches, world-famous Santorini sunset, volcanic islands, sea caves

*Scuba diving will be offered by our trusted providers in Sifnos, Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos, Serifos



Embarkation at Marina Zeas between 14:00-15:00. Welcome on board the Elysium with warm smiles from our crew and savor our signature cocktail during a smooth check-in. We set sail for the nearby Cape Sounion, home to the “Temple of Poseidon”, for your first refreshing dip in the Aegean waters. Perched at the edge of the cliff, the ancient sanctuary it is one of the most important monuments of the golden age of Athens. Dinner alfresco on board, to experience the mesmerizing sunset. After dinner, lounge at the upper deck with music and drinks, while you watch the flickering lights of the mainland and feel the soothing salty breeze on your face. Overnight at anchor. 


Morning arrival in the dreamy island of Sifnos, with its traditional white-washed architecture, its famous hiking trails and a sizzling food scene. Hike one of the many “Sifnos trails” or choose an optional excursion to the medieval ancient castle and the most photographed spot of Sifnos, the church of Seven Martyrs.

Explore Apollonia, the picturesque capital, named after the God of light Apollo. Opt for a special Greek cooking lesson experience with lunch at a local home or enjoy your lunch at one of the many local tavernas. Afternoon sailing to the volcanic island of Milos for a swim stop at the iconic Sarakiniko beach with its milky blue waters and spectacular  lunar landscape. Sail on to Kimolos, a true hidden gem, and discover its port Psathi and the surrounding authentic fishing villages. At nearby Goupa, you can see the so called “syrmata”, colorful boat garages carved in the rocks, and if we are lucky, we will encounter the local children playing in the water. Dinner on board the Elysium.


Sail to Ios island and enjoy a refreshing swim stop at Magganari, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece. Optional excursions to the tomb of Homer, the author of the epic poems Iliad and Odyssey and strolling through the charming “chora” alleys. Lunch on board the Elysium. Afternoon arrival in Santorini island. Choose from an array of optional activities like a winery tour, a guided photography walk and more. In the evening find your perfect, romantic dinner spot, perched at the caldera and experience the world-famous Santorini sunset. Overnight at Santorini.


Wake up in mesmerizing Santorini and choose from the many optional activities, like a visit to the Akrotiri prehistoric excavation site and the Venetian castle, hiking the volcano crater and more. Lunch on board while sailing to unspoiled Schoinousa island for an afternoon swim stop. Sail on to Pano Koufonisi island, to explore the extraordinary sea caves, only accessible by boat. “Koufonisia”, meaning hollow islands, were given this name by pirates, as the huge caves convinced them the islands were in fact hollow. Unwind to the sounds of the sea, as we overnight at Pano Koufonisi port.


Sail towards the island of Antiparos, chosen by many celebrities for their low-key vacation. Enjoy a morning swim stop at the uninhabited island of Despotiko next to Antiparos. Alfresco lunch on board the Elysium and afternoon sailing to Naxos island. Explore the town of Naxos or go for one of the many optional excursions, like a visit to Kouros of Apollon, the olive press museum or hiking the Devil’s eye trail. Participate in our exciting Greek dance workshop. Overnight in Naxos port.


Morning arrival in the island of Delos, the mythical birthplace of god Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of unique energy. Optional tour of the archaological site. Mid-day sailing to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, where we drop anchor at one of its beautiful southern beaches. Lunch on board. In the evening, enjoy a sunset drink at Little Venice, photograph the iconic windmills or simply explore the swirling pathways of the white-washed chora with the many elegant boutiques, cafes, restaurants and clubs. Optional excursions include visits to Paleokastro Monastery, the Maritime Museum or the Agricultural Museum. Overnight in Mykonos to enjoy its famous nightlife.


Morning arrival in Serifos, a lesser-known island of distinct Cycladic flair, dotted with windmills, white-washed chapels, pristine beaches and many sites of cultural interest. Optional excursions include a visit to the Venetian Castle, the Monastery of Taxiarches, the Archaeological Museum, the Cave of Koutalas or opt for an immersive Greek pottery workshop. Afternoon sailing to Kythnos island for a swim stop at Kolona Bay beach, famous for its crystal-clear waters and golden sand. As the sun sets and the stars start to fill the night sky, it’s time for our special farewell beach BBQ. Late night we set sail for Piraeus.

marina zea greece


Disembarkation at Marina Zeas after breakfast, until 10:00.

The stuff of legends
8 days Peloponnese and Ionian