The Elixir TEAM

We are a closely-knit team of cruise aficionados & travel experts. As citizens of the world and avid travellers, we have journeyed the globe, collecting valuable experiences about what truly matters when traveling boutique style.

Sensing the overwhelming need for a different approach to boutique cruising, one that combines elegant ambiance with personalised service, and immersive travel with wellness activities, we created Elixir Cruises.

Our entire team, both onshore and onboard the Elysium genuinely care about making you, our guests, happy. Our motto “your smile, our smile” and we will go above and beyond everytime to make your experience memorable and unique. 

Our Mission

To put it simply, we believe that everyone deserves to see the world not only as a tourist but as a true traveller. There is no doubt in our minds that meaningful travel is the ELIXIR of life. We are committed to creating immersive cultural journeys, which combined with our wellness approach, food for the soul, comfort and personalised service, guarantee an unmatched experience.

Green ethics & Sustainability

By definition, a smaller ship means a smaller carbon footprint. We are proud that at the same time as offering our guests an intimate and beautiful experience at sea, we also offer them a choice that is gentler on the environment. As a company, we make every effort to keep our environmental impact to the bare minimum.

Our green ethics and commitment to sustainability are expressed in various ways onboard the Elysium.

  • All guests are provided with a smart, refillable water bottles to use throughout their stay
  • Hotel amenities are eco-friendly in equally eco-friendly packaging
  • We utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • We use locally sourced and when possible organic produce for our farm-to-table cuisine
  • In collaboration with local organizations, we will plan voluntary beach clean-ups and educational seminars
  • We kindly ask our guests to join us in our efforts whenever possible


Giving back

We believe in giving back. Our leadership team has a long history of active personal involvement in charity and everyone at Elixir Cruises aspires to help local communities. We are committed to donating from our profits to select non-profit organizations.